I was raised in a dysfunctional family as I’m sure many of you were. What kept me going was my search for meaning and purpose. I jumped through all the hoops necessary to be “successful” by completing medical school and becoming a psychiatrist, which I believed was the golden ticket to helping others heal from their dysfunctional childhoods. My purpose at last – or so I believed.

For the past 30 years I’ve helped many people heal from trauma, neglect and all manner of associated self-sabotaging belief systems. I am grateful for what I’ve learned and how I’ve been able to serve. But as time went on I felt something was missing. Life was an endless stream of clients coming into my office with similar story themes and incredible experiences of suffering and most would leave feeling better and coping better. But was this changing the world for the better?

I am always seeking an experience of deep connection with the Divine.  This led me to focus on finding the root cause of the endless suffering that I was busy trying to heal.  I realized that while helping people cope better was helpful, it did not go far enough to shift the global condition.

So I decided to start coaching rather than treating.   



I felt I had to serve more effectively.  I had to help empower people to shift out of the state of being passive or reactive victims of circumstance to becoming creators – of their own dreams and of a world filled with joy and peace.

People with a multitude of diverse backgrounds have shared their stories with me.  One thing they all have in common is  amazing gifts that they don’t recognize or don’t value.  Most go on with their lives surviving better but never fulfilling their true potential.  If you’re reading this, likely you identify.  The sad truth is that most people have been trained to overlook, dismiss or completely deny that they have a unique purpose that could be of great value to others.

It’s a huge loss to a world that’s crying out for help and solutions, when so many people exit their lives and take their gifts, unopened, with them.  I know the power and fulfillment of finding and implementing my purpose.  I would love to help you experience the unparalleled high of serving in a way that’s unique to you.



I hope to support people anywhere on the spectrum from starting to reflect about their Purpose all the way to being ready to start implementing it.  This journey should be filled with joy and may have nothing to do with the pre-existing menu of jobs already out there.  So it also requires creativity, courage and a community of support.  All of which I’d love to develop with you for all of us on this journey.

I invite you to come along, read my blogs, comment and share, try the exercizes and create the life of your dreams.

Thanks for reading this far.

Find Joy in Your Purpose,